Tips On How To Clear A Toilet Bowl Choke

A toilet bowl clog or choke is often an inconvenient and embarrassing issue, especially when you have guests in your home. If the clog is severe enough, the water levels can rise to a point that it almost overflows. This will usually continue every time you flush the toilet until you deal with the choke. Other clog types can even cause waste and water inside the toilet bowl to leak out onto your bathroom floor. Regardless of the issue with a toilet bowl choke, it becomes important for any renter or homeowner to find out how to fix the problem.

Here are a few tips to follow when you are facing a toilet bowl choke issue.

1. Turn Off The Water

As advised by SG1 plumber Singapore, your first call to action must include turning off the water that supplies your toilet. You should find a knob or tap situated behind your toilet. This will stop the water from flowing into your toilet bowl. If there is any water that has leaked out onto the floors, clean this up before you attempt to fix your toilet.

2. Gather The Necessary Supplies

The most common supplies to deal with a toilet bowl choke includes toilet plungers, a hanger made of wire, a bucket, bleach, and some drain cleaner. It is also a good idea to put on a pair of rubber gloves. When the water level is just about to overflow, use a few towels around the toilet to soak up any mess that may come about from getting rid of the toilet bowl choke.

3. How To Clear The Choke

Depending on the type of debris that is now lodged or stuck, it might be possible to clear away the choke by sending something like a wire hanger down the pipe to break up the debris. Before you start, take the lid off your toilet tank. Use a bucket to remove as much water as you can to prevent spills during the removal process. You can either throw this water into another toilet that is working in your home, or down a drain outside. Before you use a wire hanger, first try to remove the choke or clog with a plunger. Position the plunger into the toilet bowl and use a steady downward and upward movement repeatedly for around 20 to 30 seconds. Slowly lift the plunger up. If this step has failed to resolve the issue, it is still a good idea to repeat the step a few times before you move onto the next part of the process. If your toilet bowl choke persists, unfold a wire hanger that you will use to snake into the drain.

Run the hanger down the drain as far as it will go. Use circular movements to loosen up the clog. If this step doesn’t work, the final step would be to use a drain cleaner. Make sure you read the instruction carefully before you begin. Drain cleaners usually contain harsh and toxic chemicals, so make sure you are wearing gloves before you open the bottle.

When Should You Call A Professional

The tips described above will typically remove any type of toilet bowl choke. However, if after following all these steps, your toilet is still clogged up, it is highly advisable to contact a professional plumber to provide you with a toilet bowl choke removal service. When you have an issue with a toilet bowl choke, it will usually mean you won’t be able to use the toilet until it is fixed. Fast and professional plumber services from an experienced plumber will ensure that your toilet is quickly returned to a functioning state.

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