The Benefits Of Aircon Service In KL

Hot days are often a blessing, but can also become a curse, particularly in Kuala Lumpur. Combine this with extremely polluted and humid air, and you arrive at a “recipe for disaster”.

Many people die every year due to illnesses linked with poor air quality and overheating.

This is why a reliable and functioning air conditioner is vital when living in a country like Malaysia.

Why You Will Need Air Condition Service KL

Air conditioners play an important role in any office premises or home. It maintains a comfortable and cool temperature. It is vital to ensure your AC remains in a functioning condition.

Many things can go wrong with an AC system due to lack of care or extreme changes in temperature and weather conditions. For this reason, it is essential to perform regular maintenance or services to prevent a breakdown or further damage.

One of the main considerations for an office or home AC is maintenance. If you have little or no experience when it comes to maintaining an AC system, then it is best to rather hire professional AC technicians to look after your air conditioning system on your behalf.

AC units, which are mainly split types in the majority of Malaysian homes, are a very expensive appliance that runs in homes, and also a very important one due to the humid and hot weather.

Early Signs That Your Air Conditioner May Need A Service Or Maintenance

Since an AC system is used throughout the year, they usually don’t have time to recuperate from general wear and tear. This can cause the system to fail before it should or completely break down when you need your AC the most.

Below are some of the signs to look for to decide if your air conditioning system requires professional attention:

– Your AC is no longer cooling the way it used to
– You hear “hissing” sounds
– The outdoor unit is very quiet (the compressor may not be working)
– Condensation around the casing
– Your walls start to feel moist and wet
– Repair costs for ACs vary greatly since these fees will depend on the AC type, what has gone wrong with the unit, and whether it is still covered by a warranty.

According to aircond experts, In Kuala Lumpur, it is typical to receive a 1-year warranty on indoor units and a 5-year warranty for an outdoor compressor. For the average-sized home, repair costs typically range between RM200 to RM1000.

Factors such as whether you have a non-inverter or inverter system, the brand, and whether other issues require attention, usually determine the repair costs for an AC system.

Your AC should be cleaned and serviced regularly to prevent issues such as costly repairs, or a full breakdown. Many people have gone through the stressful and uncomfortable experience of having to sweat throughout the night or day when an AC system stops working. These are situations that you can easily avoid when you hire professional AC technicians to perform regular AC services or maintenance.

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