Aircon Servicing, Costing, Maintenance, And Repairs.

Most people have a habit of overlooking the need to service their aircon in an attempt to save money. However, if your aircon ends up having a malfunction, you will be needed to spend more money on repairs or, in the worst case, replacements. Servicing can be quite costly, but if you have enough information about the available aircon servicing packages, you can surely get a pocket friendly suitable for your budget. The following are different types of aircon servicing in Singapore packages available.

Chemical Overhaul On Your Aircon.

This type of servicing is suitable if there hasn’t been cleaning on your aircon for a long time. Most times, the first step to sort this problem is general cleaning by a specific type of chemical. However, with the presence of excessive accumulation of dirt, this method tends not to be effective. Therefore, a chemical overhaul method is necessary for a perfect output as it will improve the overall performance and eliminate any faults and deficiencies as well. The general pricing for chemical overhaul is $120 per unit. Also, you will get a price reduction in case the workload is a lot.


Any machine will always break down if it operates continuously with no breaks. Air conditioners are major home appliance, meaning they run through most hours of the day. However, if you rarely do serving, your machine will finally shut down because it is overworked. Repairs are a necessary part, and in the case of air conditioners, they cost quite a fair amount of money. It is advisable to do regular maintenance, especially after every three months. During the repair, your aircon will get an explicit wash on the front panel and fan oil. Frequent maintenance will ensure you save costs since there will always be room to detect any significant upcoming problem. It is also good to know if your air conditioner is a commercial unit, then the repair time frame will be reduced to one month.

Chemical Wash.

This type of servicing package is comprehensive and might take some time to ensure a quality job. Your air conditioner will need disassembling as a first step. There will be dusting of filters and flaps, vacuuming the drainage to ensure there’s a proper flow of water and lubrication on motors. The chemical will help to remove persistent smudges while vacuuming aids in eliminating dust particles and grease, which block the outlet water drainage. This type of servicing is necessary every six to twelve months. However, you can always call for an emergency cleaning if you sense your aircon isn’t performing to its fullest capability. The presence of unpleasant smell or water leakage are signs that your aircon is becoming defective. The average cost for chemical wash is $ 55 per unit.

You will have an easy time getting a favourable servicing package if you get all the relevant information. Create a budget to ensure you don’t break your bank. Fortunately, all the serving packages mentioned above will come with a warranty guaranteeing you don’t overspend on the same service provider. Service your air-con frequently to ensure you have favourable temperatures in your house. Settle for a good servicing company that will offer quality work.

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