A Buying Guide for Automatic Sliding Door System

As time goes on, automatic doors have become more and more popular. Nowadays, automatic door systems are not only implemented in malls and commercial premises but also in our everyday lives. These types of doors not only make moving in and out of places easier for regular people, but they are a welcome feature for the elderly, the disabled as well as those with pets.

Buying an automatic door system is a long-term investment, and so, there are important considerations to make. Whether it’s a sliding door for the front, cabinet, or garage door, it’s imperative to consider some factors before making the purchase decision.

Automatic Sliding Door Systems Buying Guide

1. Power Consumption

According to GW GeWalt, most of the conventional automatic door openers run on a fairly low-voltage DC motor. Even so, the power consumed while the system is functional is negligible, as it only runs for several seconds. The primary factor is how much energy the unit consumes when it’s idle.

Units featuring low-energy class transformers allow substantial savings in terms of running costs due to the transformers’ efficiency. This can lead to substantial savings over the lifetime of the operator.

2. Soft Start & Stop

This feature is meant to alleviate stress on the door and drive the unit by slightly hastening the motors to full speed in a controlled fashion in order to ascertain reliability. Soft start and stop motors, are therefore ideal for heavy doors, but they also have the added benefit of gentle and quiet closure.

3. Motor Power

You’ll want to pick a unit with a motor capable of handling weights more than the force required to move the door so that the unit isn’t constantly operating at the limit of its capacity. It is also vital to ensure the automatic door system is well balanced.

4. External Emergency Release

If you don’t have an alternative access door, an emergency release feature will be needed to allow for manual door operation for situations where the power fails. Most electric door motors require an additional lock installation for manual operation. These additional locks are, more often than not, unreliable and lead to reduced security.

That is why you should look for a well-designed electric sliding door system with a cable run manual release system that can be connected to the door’s locking handle, allowing for simple manual operation.

5. Wall-Mounted Push-Button

In order to have a solution in case of automatic failures, a wall-mounted push button is needed. So, ensure a high-quality push-button is included in the sliding door system you are looking to buy.

6. Safety

When it comes to any automated physical object, safety is a concern. An automatic sliding door is heavy and you need it to stop instantly when it is barred. This ascertains the best possible level of safety for people and pets while saving both money and installation time.

And there you have it, the most important factors to consider when on the search for an automatic sliding door system for your house or office. For more information, you cna visit this Facebook page.

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